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Play, Learn & Grow: Fostering Physical Development in Children

Development in the Early Childhood classroom can be seen when children use language, draw pictures, play with others, investigate something new, count, read and so much more! Children are learning all day from the moment they wake up to when they go to bed. At the White Barn, we plan many learning activities to promote growth in:

★ Language and Literacy

★ Social and Emotional Development

★ Science

★ Cognition

★ Social Studies

★ Creative Arts

★ Mathematics

One of the most important developmental areas for children ages 3 to 5 is for Physical Development and Health. Just as we all had to learn to walk, learn to eat, and learn to use the bathroom, we have to learn skills to further our Physical Development. This excerpt is taken right from the Office of Early Childhoods Early Learning and Development Standards:

Chart of CT Standards for Physical Development and Health

What does physical development and health mean in an early childhood classroom? It means learning to take care of yourself and to do things with your body and hands so that you grow strong and healthy. We encourage our learners to:

★ eat healthy

★ enjoy physical activity

★ manage self-care

Child balancing on tree log

We do this by providing children a time and place to run and play. Running, jumping and climbing help build strong muscles and bones. We encourage self care by talking to children about handwashing and why being clean is important. Our teachers spend ample time encouraging independence by using buttons, putting on clothes, etc… We offer healthy food choices and grow food; we talk about healthy food and eating a variety of good things. Children are offered a rest period daily, this encourages their brain & body to generate growth to stay healthy and learn.

Here are some photos of our White Barn kiddos practicing physical development with both large muscle and small muscle movement!

Children practicing fine motor skills

Children running through the forest trail

Play, Learn & Grow: Fostering Physical Development in Children

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