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Our Story

Located in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut, The White Barn Children’s Center is a nature based preschool nestled in the rural town of Thompson. The White Barn Children's Centre is licensed by The State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and serves children ages 2 years 9 months to 5. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational journey where nature becomes both our classroom and teacher. 


With 60% of the day spent outdoors, children have endless opportunities to explore, jump, balance, solve problems, play, and engage in early literacy, science, math, and social-emotional learning.

our founders vision

In 2018, Lisa Audette RN, a neonatal nurse with 25 years of experience, opened the doors to Linda’s House Pediatric Daycare & Preschool in Thompson, Connecticut. Retiring from her role as NICU Nurse Manager in 2018, Lisa embarked on a mission to continue to provide a high standard of care and a nurturing environment for children. Lisa's passion for creating equal opportunities for children of all abilities, coupled with a commitment to developmental health and wellness, inspired the foundation of a new childcare center.


Linda's House is an inclusive daycare and preschool that pays tribute to the memory of Linda Gregory, a devoted neonatal nurse, colleague, and friend.  Linda's passion for special needs babies and their families laid the foundation for a center where children of all abilities could learn and grow together in a home-like setting.

growing with purpose

As Linda’s House flourished, and the wait-list grew, Lisa recognized the need for more space and enhanced learning opportunities. In 2020, the vision for The White Barn Children’s Centre took shape.


Opening its doors in September 2022, The Barn is dedicated to preschoolers ages 2 years 9 months to 5 years, leveraging the natural surroundings for place-based education. From a woodland trail to fruit and vegetable gardens, a chicken coop, and age-appropriate play areas, every aspect is designed to foster exploration and learning. 

our commitment

The White Barn Children’s Centre is more than a preschool; it's a family business. Lisa's husband Craig oversees building and grounds maintenance, daughter Sara serves as the school nurse, and daughter Jena manages marketing and business operations. Audette Builders, a local family construction company, played a pivotal role in constructing the center.

Rooted in the principles of acceptance, inclusion, kindness, and compassion, our goal is to raise the standards for preschool education in Thompson, Connecticut for generations to come- and further share our knowledge and discoveries through our online community: Nature's Path Learning.

School Campus

The Barn

Our main building, known as The Barn, is a magnificent 40 x 60 monitor style barn. With its expansive ceiling height reaching 24ft at its highest point, the interior is flooded with natural light through thoughtfully designed windows that bring the vibrant colors of the outdoors inside.


Inspired by nature, our interior finishes incorporate the colors and textures of the natural world. The Barn features three spacious open classrooms and a fully functional kitchen.

Gardens & Chickens

Conveniently located on the upper level of the property, our gardens and chickens offer ease of care and safe access for our little learners.


Here, we have an herb garden, a vegetable garden, and a beautiful cut flower garden that spans the upper level of the property. Alongside the gardens, two outbuildings serve as functional spaces for our agricultural endeavors.

The Orchard

Nestled in the lower field area of the property, our Orchard boasts a serene setting. A carefully designed cart path blends harmoniously with nature, and the grass-covered slope preserves the natural beauty of the location.

The Woodland Trail

Adjacent to the Orchard field on the lower level of the property, our Woodland Trail provides a gentle loop trail experience.


The trail begins at one end of the field and ends at the opposite end, surrounded by majestic mature oak trees that provide shade and a tranquil spot to sit and immerse oneself in the sounds of nature.

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